I’m a .NET developer who finds fulfilment in being able to fix problems for people. From building custom web applications using the latest .NET technologies to award-winning websites with Kentico CMS, I have been involved in all sides of the website development lifecycle, from estimations and requirements gathering through to development, QA and product delivery.

I love test-driven development, focusing on making sure what is required is what gets delivered correctly. Getting my hands dirty with the latest frameworks such as .NET Core is something I enjoy, as leveraging new technologies can often bring new ways to create what is needed. Most importantly, I love working on products that help change our world for the better.

Of late, I have been delving into new technologies like Xamarin Forms to expand my knowledge and my love of coding. I think constantly trying to learn is a good thing to do.

Feel free to chat with me on Twitter or LinkedIn - I am always up for discussing code.