Code is a fantastic editor that has fast become one of the best of the market, being multi-platform and backed by one of the best computing companies out there - Microsoft.

It is quite versitile thanks to its support for extensions and the community surrounding it. The Visual Studio Code Marketplace is filled with packages to cover most languages, so whether you code in Python or C# there is a way to mark Code support it. I find it as my favourite editor for coding most things.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite features, as well as tips & tricks for how to get the most out of Visual Studio Code.

Fira Code Font

Fira Code is a monospaced font that takes code formatting in your editor to the next level, using ligatures to make a lot of symbols we use as developers look nicer.

Installation instructions can be found at

Integrated Terminal

Having an integrated Terminal is one of the best things about Code. No longer do you need to switch windows to re-run builds or run code - you can now do it all within the editor. To access this, use Ctrl+` and it shall appear.

Thanks for reading, and I am sure I will update this as I come up with more tips and tricks!